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About TPS

One of the most experienced teams in thermal remediation.

TPS Technologies has been active in innovative thermal soil remediation since 1989. It started in the USA with a mobile thermal plant, developed itself to become the leading operator in North America and Europe in Low Temperature Thermal Desorption, treating over 8 millions tons of soils and executing over 200 mobile projects. This very experienced team is now focused exclusively on the NSR technology and is no longer operating any conventional thermal remediation devices.

Research & Development of soil remediation technologies is our core activity at TPS. Our ambition is to develop technologies that create added value:

  • economically attractive: competitive costs, or even cost-neutral
  • ecologically effective: totally remove contamination, no liabilities, very low CO2 impact
  • socially responsible: no or little nuisances for the people next door

Our newly developed ISTD with GTR© is a good example of what we can achieve as it is today the most pragmatic, efficient and cost effective solution to solve urban soil pollution.

TPS Tech SA is a privately held Belgian company.

TPS Customer Value Statement

TPS offers environmental technologies and services that will:

  • Release you from any (future) liabilities, recovering the full value of your property
  • Enable you to largely recover the cost of the remediation by savings on other investments needed for the site development (geothermy, stability).

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